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Kangaroo Island Soil Probes and Weather Station Data

Soil probes and associated weather stations are becoming increasingly important in assisting farmers to make better informed farm management decisions.


Three soil probes had previously been established on Kangaroo Island, but given the extensive variation in weather across the island, the data had limited applicability to the district in which they are situated. This project has established an additional seven soil probes across Kangaroo Island and has made the data readily available to local farmers. This expanded soil probe network will enable farmers to make more informed decisions in an increasingly more variable climate, enabling them to maintain production and efficiently.

This project is being delivered in partnership with Livestock SA, Agriculture Kangaroo Island and Department of Primary Industries and Regions. It is jointly funded by the South Australia and Australian Government’s under the National Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Kangaroo Island Soil Probes and Weather Stations - Summary Data

Soil Moisture Data

Soil moisture.png

Wind Speed and Delta - T


Rainfall Summary


Temperature RH DewPoint

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